Smartphones are becoming more and more popular these days. In fact, smartphones are utilized as authentication in different businesses as well as in banks, which is why it’s extremely important for you to keep all your guards up when it comes to your hi-tech mobile device. What are the things you can do to prevent unauthorized use of your phone?
Check out some of dos and don’ts in using your smartphone:
  • Antivirus. Just like computers, malwares can infect your mobile device without you knowing. And given that you’re using your smartphone on your bank transactions and other finances, it’s crucial to keep all your personal details safe. Installing an antivirus will help prevent malware infection.
  • Remote Services. Install remote services such as remote wipe, remote lock, and the like, on your device.
  • Back UP. Be sure to always backup your data. In the event that your mobile is stolen, lost, or is malfunctioning, you can always retrieve your data, on something else other than your phone alone.
  • Encrypt. If it’s possible to use encryption, do it. This makes it harder for other people to easily interpret the data on your mobile device.
  • Password/PIN Code. Setting a password or pin code on your phone’s lock feature helps because it presents difficulty for unauthorized usage.
  • Updates. Don’t skip operating system and application updates. This reduces the risk of your phone’s system flaws.
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