Like any other person, I let my local photo printer decide what the best measures to complete my work. This type of choice is compared to bringing my laptop into the shop and letting the knowledgeable and experienced computer experts give me an evaluation on the status of my laptop computer. Basically, this evaluation is entirely beneficial for the computer expert then for your bank balance, the same with your local or international print companies.

The most fundamental knowledge you need when making a choice on what type of a digital printing company you are going to make use of is simple, it can be either digital or offset. These two types of printing are both effective as to what kind of printing you require and instead of letting the print companies take over the decision of what best suits you, you decide what’s best for you.

The most commonly used type of printing is offset printing. It was originally invented in 1875 which they used to print on metal and tin. Several years later, Ira Washington Rubel made an offset press that could print on paper.

The offset printing technique is more than a century old and is still practiced among many others. Offset printing has reliable high quality images, fast production with printing plates, plates can endure over a million impressions and it is definitely cost effective like for example you want to print postcards or brochures, if you print quantities in thousands therefore it is more affordable.

Digital printing is the latest printing technique that printing companies has taken on although they still use the offset printing technique. Its benefits are variable data printing, less chemical and paper waste, UV and fuser fluid and fast turn-around time. The most valuable role that digital printing portrays is its variable data printing. It is one of the market’s best kept secrets and anyone who use paper as a form of marketing should know. With it you could print materials aimed for at specific marketing demographics, companies or people. When talking about and making a decision on what kind of printing is best for the job that you needed done, it is vital you use this practice. If you needed a lot of items printed but you’re in no hurry and want all of it to look the same then offset printing is a choice.

Both are extremely advantageous in their own ways so by learning about these two printing techniques you will be able to choose the best method suited for you.


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